April 2010

Front Row Joe’s 1000th Game


Front Row Joe at his 1000th consecutive Daytona Cubs home game

“Front Row Joe” Joe Rowe attended his 1000th consecutive home game tonight at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach. Joe has been coming to the Daytona Cubs home games since the teams inception in 1983. He started this streak of 1000 games in 1985 two years after the Chicago Cubs Advanced A team started in Daytona. Front Row Joe was honored at the game tonight with a pregame ceremony and the team wore Retro Jerseys from the 1985 season.


Junior Lake of the Daytona Cubs in his Retro Jersey from 1985

Front Row Joe was presented a new Daytona Beach Cubs jersey with the custom number of 1000 on the back and was recognized for his streak from the Daytona Beach Cubs Booster Club and from Team Owner Andy Rayburn. FRJ gave a short speech and threw out the first pitch and then went to his usual seat to cheer on the team for the evening.


Front Row Joe gives a speech before his 1000th game

JL-2.jpgFront Row Joe throws out the first pitch before his 1000th game

While I was writing this post I was thinking back about how long I have personally known Joe and what I could share about him from my perspective. One thing that sticks out in my mind is that I have known Joe for 3 years now and we usually chat before each game. The funny thing is we rarely talk about baseball. He always takes that time to ask me about my family and how everything is going in my life. That is just how good of a person he is.


Daytona Cubs Vs Dunedin Blue Jays April 14th

Barron, Raul-20100414.jpg

Raul Barron of the Dunedin Blue Jays lays down a bunt against the Cubs.
 Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I have a few photos today from the game I shot on April 14th between the Daytona Cubs and the Dunedin Blue Jays. Dunedin scored 2 runs in the first and 3 in the second inning and never looked back winning the game 11-6 over the Cubs.

Liebel, Andrew (Jontes)-20100414.jpg

Andrew Liebel of the Dunedin Blue Jays / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Jackson, Brett (Jontes)-20100414.jpgBrett Jackson of the Daytona Cubs / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Vitters, Josh (Jontes)-20100414.jpgJosh Vitters of the Daytona Cubs / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Rusin, Chris (Jontes)-20100414.jpgChris Rusin of the Daytona Cubs / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

My next post should either be next Wednesday or Thursday and it should be an interesting one. Long time Daytona Cubs fan Front Row Joe will mark his 1000th consecutive game at the Jack. The Cubs will be wearing throwback jerseys from their first season to mark the occasion. I look forward to sharing my photos with everybody from the game.


Daytona Vs Brevard County April 11th

Sanchez, Juan20100411.jpg

Juan Sanchez of the Brevard County Manatees / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I drove down to Space Coast Stadium today to shoot the Daytona Cubs and Brevard County Manatees game. The weather was absolutely perfect for a baseball game and I was happy to have good conditions after the game last night.


D.J. LeMahieu attempts the tag at second base. Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images

The game had plenty of action and runs scored with the Cubs coming out on top 10-5 winning the second straight from Brevard after losing the first two games.


D.J. LeMahieu attempts to turn a double play Scott Jontes/Four
Seam Images

tag2.jpgD.J. LeMahieu makes the tag at second base. Scott Jontes/Four
Seam Images

I guess it was D.J. LeMahieu day today on the blog, it seems like he was in the middle of everything that was happening.


Mark Reed of the Daytona Beach Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I normally do not like to post photos like this because you can not see his face. But I do like how his bat broke and the ball and bat was still in the photo.

Well that is all for tonight I need to get back to tagging and uploading photos.


Opening Night


Last night was opening night at Jackie Robinson Ballpark (The Jack). The Cubs played the Brevard County Manatees in front of a crowd of 4,945 fans. Brevard won the game 7-0.

20100409.jpgThe weather was perfect for opening night and there was a large crowd on hand an hour before the game even started. It was good to see some of my good friends that I had not seen since last season and I am happy that baseball is back. I do not have a lot of time for this post today but I have uploaded a few photos from the game below.

Rusin, Chris (Jontes)20100409.jpg

Chris Rusin of the Daytona Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Ryne White.jpgRyne White of the Daytona Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Peralta, Wily (Jontes)20100409.jpgWily Peralta of the Brevard County Mantees/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Brewer, Brent (Jontes)20100409.jpg

Brent Brewer of the Brevard County Manatees/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images


First Game of the Season

cubs-2.jpgChris Archer of the Daytona Beach Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

Tonight was the first game of the season for me which featured the Daytona Cubs in an exhibition game against Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.


Michael Brenly of the Daytona Beach Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I had been waiting for this game for a couple of weeks to have the chance to knock a little bit of the rust off. I had felt at the game that I was really rusty, but after looking at the photos from the game I was not as rusty as I thought.


Brett Jackson of the Dayotna Beach Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I am really excited about this year for a couple of reasons. This is going to be my 3rd year as the Dayotna Beach Cubs team photographer and my 2nd year as one of the Florida State League Photographers. I have also started shooting for Four Seam Images
a image agency specializing in all levels of amateur and professional baseball. I am very honored that they asked me to be a part of what they have going. Be sure to check my blog often as I will be updating on a weekly basis now that the season is starting.


Josh Vitters of the Dayotna Beach Cubs/Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

The last inning that I was at the game I got the shot above of Josh Vitters watching his 3 run shot fly out of the park. All in all this was not a bad way to spend my Wednesday night.