May 2010

Long Weekend

Abeita, Mitch -Carrithers, Alden (Jontes) copy.jpg

Mitch Abeita of the Tampa Yankees tags out Alden Carrithers of the
Lakeland Flying Tigers
(Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images)

Well I am writing the post that I wanted to put up last week today. It was quite an interesting week last week that had me in Lakeland on Wednesday and Saturday, Dunedin and Daytona on Sunday. 

Noesi, Hector (Jontes).jpg

Hector Noesi of the Tampa Yankees (Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images)

On Sunday I had quite an exhausting trip. For those of you who do not know Dunedin is on the west coast of Florida and is the spring training home for the Toronto Blue Jays. I live near Daytona on the east coast. I drove over in the morning to shoot the Dunedin Blue Jays and Bradenton Marauders game that started at 1:00. Jesse Litsch was doing his second rehab start for Dunedin before heading up to the Triple A level. I shot the game till about 2:30 and then booked it back to Daytona to catch the Daytona Cubs and St. Lucie Mets game in Daytona at 5:30.

Litsch, Jesse (Jontes).jpg

Jesse Litsch during a rehab start with the Dunedin Blue Jays
(Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images)

Fryer, Eric (Jontes).jpg

Eric Fryer of the Bradenton Marauders (Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images)
Needless to say I did not stay at the game long in Daytona. I really only needed to go to the game to get one pitcher I needed for the Daytona Cubs set. I had not shot Dae-Eun Rhee of the yet during season. So I shot about 3 innings of the game and I headed home to start editing and tagging photos.

Rhee, Dae-Eun (Jontes).jpg

Dae-Eun Rhee of the Daytona Cubs (Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images)

This coming weekend is shaping up to be as busy as this one but I am actually looking forward to it. I will be posting the shots soon.


Charlotte Stone Crabs Vs Lakeland Flying Tigers 5-11-2010


Luke Putkonen of the Lakeland Flying Tigers – Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images

I drove to Lakeland on Tuesday night to shoot the Flying Tigers and Stone Crabs for the Florida State League. There are no actual photo pits to shoot from at the stadium, but you can get some excellent shots from both the 1st and 3rd base sides especially in the afternoons. Which to me makes it worth the dive through Orlando


Tim Beckham of the Charlotte Stone Crabs – Scott Jontes/Four Seam Image

I only stayed at the game for about an hour and then I had to drive home to be at work the next day. Before I left I did see something a little different than I normally see while shooting from the end of the Tigers dugout. One of the players from the Flying Tigers got my attention and pointed to one of his teammates. I was kind of unsure what he was pointing to at first. Then I fiquered it out. A Dragonfly was catching a ride on Flying Tigers left fielder Chao-Ting Tangs hat.


Chao-Ting Tang of the Lakeland Flying Tigers – Scott Jontes/Four Seam Images

Everybody in the dugout got a good laugh and I took few shots which must made the Dragon fly lose interest in the hat because he flew over and landed on my camera for about an inning. I guess that is one way to get good seats.


Busy, Busy


Greg Maddux in Daytona Beach / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images

I have been all over the state trying to finish up with the Florida State League and the Daytona Cubs card set. This past week I have been in Daytona, Port St. Lucie, and I was in Jupiter on Saturday night. Staring tomorrow I will be right back at it trying to finish up on the sets.

Furbush, Charles (Jontes)-100429.jpg

Charles Furbush of the Lakeland Flying Tigers / Scott Jontes-Four Seam Images