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Robinson Chirinos hits 2 Grand Slams


Robinson Chirinos of the Daytona Cubs watches the first of his two Grand Slams leave the park against the Sarasota Reds at Jackie Robinson Ballpark on Sunday May 31,2009 (Scott Jontes/

May 31, 2009 is a day that Robinson Chirinos just might remember for the rest of his life. He accomplished a feat that has not happened in the Florida State league for 50 years. The Daytona Cubs catcher hit 2 Grand Slams in a game against the Sarasota Reds at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, FL.

In the 4th inning Robinson came up to bat with the bases loaded and I remember thinking to myself 2 things: (1) I better be ready because he just might hit it out (2) He always gives a nice look coming out of the box.  All I can say is that I was right this time on both accounts.

In the 7th inning Robinson came up to bat again with the bases loaded again and he had the same results. He finished the game with 3 hits and 8 RBI’s.  It was a career game for him to say the least and in my mind it could not have happened to a nicer guy.

I have been asked a few times since the season finished what is my favorite photo that I took this season. Without a doubt this the one.


Southern League Finials

Brandon Guyer-Logan morrison.jpg

Brandon Guyer of the Tennessee Smokies is tagged out home by Logan Morrison of the Jacksonville Suns in Game 2 of the Southern League Finials in Jacksonville
on September 16, 2009  (Scott Jontes/

I was planning on posting these photos yesterday to try to catch up a little but I decided to first post the photos of Tyler Colvin who got his first Major League start for the Chicago Cubs yesterday instead. Last Wednesday I went back to Jacksonville to cover game 2 of the Southern League Finials between the Tennessee Smokies and the Jacksonville Suns. I got to Jacksonville with about 15 minutes before the game was due start and had a chance to say hello to some of the Cubs players that I have got to know in Daytona with the Cubs. It was really good to see some of the guys who I had not seen since the night Daytona won the Florida State League Championship last year.

Castro, Starlin.jpg

Starlin Castro of the Tennessee Smokies September 16, 2009 (Scott Jontes/

The game featured 2 lefties going head to head with Jacksonville having Graham Taylor on the mound and the Smokies had Jeremy Papelbon. Graham Taylor pitched six scoreless innings while only allowing four hits. Jeremy Papelbon went six innings while only giving up 2 hits until the sixth inning when he allowed 2 runs to score on four hits.

Stanton, Mike_.jpg
Mike Stanton of the Jacksonville Suns (Scott Jontes/

Chirinos, Robinson_.jpgRobinson Chirinos of the Tennessee Smokies (Scott Jontes/

The game was won by the Suns 2-1 and they took a 2 game lead to Tennessee. The Smokies were able to win on Friday night with a game winning single in the bottom of the 9th by Starlin Castro. Saturday night the Suns went on to win the Southern League Championship with pitcher Ehil Villanueva helping out his effort by hitting a 3 run home run in the 4th. The Suns won the Championship for the second since 2005 and it was also the first year for the Suns affiliation with the Florida Marlins. Bryan Peterson of the Suns was named the MVP for the series.

Petersen, Bryan_.jpg

Bryan Peterson of the Suns was named MVP of the Southern League Finials
(Scott Jontes/