Some of my favorite Gulf Coast League Shots Pt. 2

Spencer Hylander.jpg

Spencer Hylander of the GCL Astros
Scott Jontes/

This the second part of my favorite photos from the Gulf Coast League from this year. I took the photo above of Spencer Hylander at the last GCL game I did this year covering the GCL Nationals and GCL Astros in Viera, Florida. I had a chance to meet Spencer’s dad at the game that afternoon and it was a pleasure getting to know him. Thats one of the things I like about covering Minor League Baseball is the people you meet. Below is a few more of my favorites.

Naoya Washiya.jpg

Naoya Washiya of the GCL Nationals -Scott Jontes/

David Peters.jpgDavid Peters of the GCL Marlins -Scott Jontes/

Enrique Hernandez.jpgEnrique Hernandez of the GCL Astros
 Scott Jontes/

Kyle Farrell.jpgKyle Farrell of the GCL Braves -Scott Jontes/


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